Back in 2014 when we enjoyed rice paper rolls for the first time we couldn’t understand why these extremely healthy and delicious rolls were not as popular and widespread as sandwiches and sushi.

In 2017 we couldn’t wait any longer for someone else to bring the product we wanted to market so we took the plunge ourselves and started Sinchow.

We have taken our rolls from street markets to pop ups with a trip to Asia in between to make sure we hadn’t missed anything and to be sure our rolls really were en pointe! We have started with quintessential Asian favourites and wrapped them in rice paper. However, exciting developments to come as our menu expands in a more western direction.

We are excited to be launching exclusively with Deliveroo Editions in Blackwall over the summer.

Rice paper is the perfect vehicle for the modern diet and it’s time rice paper rolls were lifted from the starter menu and put in the spotlight. Not only are they low calorie, gluten free, and dairy free but they are also sin free. The aim is for you to be eating ‘healthy’ without even realising it.

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Our Story: 

June - August 2018: Deliveroo Editions, Blackwall

February - May 2018: Feast Canteen [Pergola Group], Hammersmith

June - September 2017: Neverland London, Fulham

June 2017: Rupert Street Market, Soho

April - May 2017: Duke Of York Square Market, Chelsea